Muslim American Feel Moderately Integrated

A poll of Muslim Americans by the Pew Research Center found them relatively integrated and content with their position in American society. In an interesting aspect of the study, only 40% of US Muslims believe Arabs caused 9/11, and 5% have a favorable view of al-Qaeda. About 75% oppose the war in Iraq while only 12% support it.

It appears Muslims under the age of 30 have more radical views than parents, since 9% of them like al-Qaeda and 50% attend a mosque, as compared with only 35% who are over 30 doing so. Muslims have achieved economic parity with Americans despite the fact that 39% of them migrated to the US after 1990. Despite prejudice against them, US Muslims were more integrated and content than European Muslims.

I am a first generation child of East European Jews. My friends and I were much less religious than our parents in sharp contrast to the young Muslims of this survey. Many in my generation did not become religious until they had children or with advancing age. Historically, children of immigrants in America had a powerful urge to Americanize, which ordinarily meant abandoning many immigrant customs and values. One wonders if the young Muslims of this survey represent a new trend in US history or is it a blip. I don’t know, do you?
Information from Lebanon Daily Star