Muslim Brotherhood No Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is upset because President Morsi was ousted from power by the armed forces and large numbers of people who regarded this man as inept and lacking any understanding as to how to run a modern economy. But, to large numbers in the Muslim Brotherhood, the 10% of the nation’s population, Christian Coptics, are the cause of his downfall. In the town of Delga,about 10% of its 120,000 people are Coptic Christians. The MB urged mobs to attack Christians, burn down three of its churches, strip Coptic store owners of their property. Coptics had to pay protection money in order to walk the streets. Hundreds have fled the city in fear of their lives.

A member of the Muslim Brotherhood told the media: “A minority of Christians blew matters out of proportion going on the Internet to denounce their Islamist brethren.” Yes indeed, it is the fault of Christians that Morsi is no moresi. Yesterday, armed forces took possession of Delga from Islamist thugs. Morsi was ousted by Muslims. He was incompetent. Period.