Myanmar Imprisons Peace Advocate

The military thugs who run Myanmar undoubtedly suffer from paranoia and this is most evident in their latest escapade into fear. They arrested Aung San Suu Kyi because some American man swam across a lake near her house, entered the house and remained there for a day or so. She was picked up, and driven to the notorious Insein prison where she will undergo questioning by government officials who wonder what a man who swam across a lake had on him that might threaten the security of the state– a water pistol?

The entire episode is a storm in a teacup reflecting fear and hostility on the part of the government rather than any act on the part of Ms. Suu Kyi beyond helping a man who had just had a long swim.

  • maudi maadil


    we should not only look for majority happening we should also look and observe our self in proportion to the situation in orderb to avoid sterotyping of cultures, beliefs and religion.

    remember that we are born and created by almighty allah unique to each other.