Here are some of my mysteries of life.

How did Dick Cheney accumulate such hate in his heart to those of opposite views?

Why an intelligent man like Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard could believe Sarah Palin is qualified for anything other than shoveling manure.

How Congress could play games with the lives of Americans they represent in order to get money from the healthcare industry?

How Tea Party nuts came up with the Nazi analogy to Obama’s health plan?

Does Rudy Biuliani smile when he acts like macho man knowing full well he has as much courage as the next draft dodger.

Why so many Muslim have such hate in their hearts toward non-Muslims?

Why Israelis have abandoned historic Jewish values of human rights and social justice when it comes to the rights of Palestinians?

Why one 350 pound tackle becomes a bust and never makes an NFL team while a 310 pound tackle becomes an all pro?

Why Barack Obama is displaying the courage of a chocolate eclair in dealing with the health plan?