Mystery Of Snowden

In an effort to prove that we are a loyal American, this blog will provide some possible destinations of the infamous traitor to our society who goes by the name of Edward Snowden:

1. He has converted to Judaism and is now on the West Bank where he works with other gallant Jews destroying Palestinian crops.

2. He is currently in a remote village in Afghanistan where he is teaching the Taliban how to access important information from the US such as the current location of Lindsay Lohan.

3. He is currently working as a ranch hand  on the property of Geoge Bush and he hopes to marry a grandchild of the former president to prove his patriotism.

4. He is currently being interviewed to become a newscaster for Fox News and will operate from a ship in the English Channel.

5. He is currently at a secret location in Washington D.C. where he teaches members of the CIA how to accesss foreign web sites.

Oh, the plane that left Hong Kong bound for Cuba did have an empty seat. No rumba for Edward.