Naked Justice Remains Naked

Every so often one encounters a story from the supposedly, “free world” that depicts how those who represent the Judaic/Christian value system are the complete opposite of those evil Muslims. Michael Nehass, a Canadian who has spent many years engaged in a variety of criminal acts is well known in the courts of the Yukon area. For some unknown reason, he was naked in his cell when three guards arrived to take him to court. They dragged Michael from his cell and delivered the naked body to a court of law. Michael was rather upset and shouted, “cover up my penis, man, I’ll fucking be seen on the camera.” A guard gave him a blanket to cover up. Human Rights folk inquired as to why Mr. Nehass was naked in court and the response from Dan Cable of the Whitehouse Correctional Center was classic bureaucracy: they responded that prisoners are responsible for appearing in court dressed in the appropriate attire. “We cannot force them to do that.”

Absolutely, drag a man from the cell who is naked, and why the hell when he shows up in court he is not dressed in a suit is beyond my way of thinking. Blame the bum for being naked. One day I will discover a bureaucratic entity which admits to errors. Someday, but not soon!