Nazis In Greece Again!

Among the mysteries of modern Europe is emergence of neo-Nazi parties in nations that once were invaded and destroyed by German Nazis. German Nazis murdered hundreds of thousands of Greeks and seventy years later their descendants want to dress like a Nazi and give a Nazi salute! Athens Mayor George Kaminis was handng out Easter gifts when a horde of Neo-Nazi thugs stormed in and began attacking people. They were led by MP George Germenis, a member of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party. Germenis pulled out a gun and waved it around and then threw a punch at the mayor, unfortunately, his blow his a twelve year old girl.

The Golden Dawn party hates Jews, it hates Africans, it hates Muslims, but it does not hate Nazis. Is there something wrong with Greeks holding as their model Nazis who murdered their ancestors? I await a black American organization which wants to return to the good old days when white folk had slaves!

  • Cyril Sneer

    “Among the mysteries of modern Europe is emergence of neo-Nazi parties”

    No mystery here, you got a mass of unwelcome immigrants, you have an economy that has failed courtesy of the EU, you have years of socialism/marxism and you will get the rise of the far right.

    And they will keep growing, because only the right have the real answers to mass immigration.