Neo-Nazi in Norway Acquitted of Anti-Semitism

Over in Norway, a leading neo-Nazi named Tore Wilhelm Tvedt, who plays a prominent role in Virgrid, a neo-nazi organization, was acquitted over remarks he made in a newspaper in 2003. In the interview, he said Jews are “the main enemy,” they have “killed our people,” “they are not human,” “they are parasites that shall be rooted out,” and they are “evil murderers.” The Court ruled his statements were no so course as to qualify for a racist utterance. His defense lawyer, John Christian Elden, argued the court decision “reserved the use of punishment for those cases where violence or physical assault are threatened.”

Much as I dislike people like Tvedt, his lawyer makes an important distinction between words that in themselves are offensive and words that lead to violence. Frankly, as one who believes in unlimited free speech, hateful remarks from hateful groups must be allowed. People like George Bush are ready to jump on any opportunity to restrict free speech, and that threat is much more of a problem than fringe lunatics like Tvedt.
Information from Aftenposten