Neo-Nazis March Again In Budapest

The sight of a Nazi flag and the sound of marching boots once again was seen and heard on the streets of Budapest. A march by members of the Hungarian Guard (Maryar Garda) took place two days ago despite protests by civic organizations, but since the rally was authorized by the police, nothing could be done to halt it. The rally was held to make clear to Romas in the city the Hungarian Guard was watching them due to the beating to death by two Roma youths of a 17 year-old boy. Peter Kenda, a liberal journalist, was attacked by marchers who apparently believe anyone showing sympathy for Romas was, by definition, an enemy. Senior Catholic leaders denounced the decision by a chaplain to conduct a flag blessing for the neo-Nazis, this was the first time the Catholic church took a public stand about the Nazi group.

Sixty years after the end of Nazi and neo-Nazi groups in Hungary it is sad to witness their re-emergence in the 21st century. Although the Hungarian Guard represents a tiny minority, their presence is disturbing to the safety of the Roma population in Hungary.

  • journeyer58

    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Yet again, we hear the drumbeat of racism and hatred of an entire class of people based only on their heritage and ancestry. Are we, citizens of the world, to allow this kind of hate-mongering and belittling of a person or race just for the sake of one’s own prejudice? It must not be this way. This is happening all over the world because of the lack of people who are willing to say, “Enough already.” No more will you or anyone be allowed to prejudge a person based upon their heritage, skin color, religion, lack of religion or anything classification that a person of low self-esteem can think of. People of conscience must stand up and be counted, the cause is just, the result is righteous and now is the time for hatred and violence to stop. History must not be allowed to repeat itself, the 21st century cannot be a time of continued repetition of the failures of the past century. Have we come this far to once again slide into the quagmire of hatred of “the other?” I would hope not, yet I cannot help but see the results of bias and prejudice compounding themselves time after time after time. When Duhhhhbya speaks about the Iranian people as if they want exactly what we want, I cannot help but cringe at the thought of another unjustified and immoral war. The people of Hungary, during the 2nd world war, saw the effects of those, who in power, chose to scapegoat an entire race of people based upon their ancestry and religion. Can the people of Hungary choose not to learn the lesson of history? As a person of conscience, I would hope that the leaders of that nation, would put a stop to the blind and unlearning hatred of the Neo-Nazi movement and educate the youth of their country about the violence and hatred of the past. I, for one, will always speak out against the injustice of those who wish to make of a whole people, the reason for some to hate and deny a whole and happy life to others. We must take a stand against the unreasoning and illicit hatred of another, whether that person be poor, Muslim, Catholic, Orthodox, or anything other than what “I” am. Choose to speak out, make a stand, speak up for what is right and not the easy thing to do. Teach your children well, live the life that you would have your children lead. Education and example are the tools, by which we can turn the tide of unreasoning hatred and bigotry into a love for all mankind, whomever they may be.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Thank you for an eloquent and powerful comment. I think, in fairness, the Neo-Nazis of Hungary are a very small group. Most Hungarian people have learned from what happened sixty years ago.

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  • A former hungarian

    Hungary should take more severe actions of preventing right winged groups such as the Garda from showing their ugly faces. As a member of the European Union, the Hungarian government should ensure peace and safety for all of its citizens by disallowing these groups from threatening the European democracy. As a person with both Hungarian and Jewish ancestry, I feel deeply dissapointed in a country, that has not learnt from many dark years of the European history. It is truly a great shame…

  • Fred Stopsky

    However, isn’t the issue, what percent of the people of Hungary support these nuts?