Netanyahu Once Again Endangers Peace!

The people of Israel continually insist the world is against their nation and everything they do is criticized because they are Jewish. After the fiasco of attacking Turkish ships, the Obama administration did all in its power to mitigate international anger and work with Prime Minister Netanyahu in an effort to improve Gaza conditions. So, how is Obama being rewarded for refusing to join in world wide anger toward Israel? Once again, Bibi Netanyahu placed a knife in the back of President Obama by announcing that 22 Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem would be demolished to make way for a tourist center. This step is bound to create renewed fury, make difficult holding peace discussions with Palestinians, but to the Israeli religious right controversy and insults of Palestinians are necessary. Why? If Palestinians are angered, it eventually results in comments from world leaders. Those comments provide proof to Israelis the world hates Jews.

US State Department spokesperson, P.J. Crowley told the Israel government such actions are just the step which harms efforts toward peace. Naturally, the Israel government insists the entire project is an attempt to improve lives of Palestinians. Yes, destroy their homes, do not offer them new homes in the district, yes, this is just the type of “help” needed by Palestinians.