New Republican Candidate Appears!

Good news for the Republican party which is seeking a fresh face to be its candidate for president in 2012.  A new person has appeared on the scene who has the right qualifications to run for the office of president. No one can charge he is as stupid as Michele Bachmann or as gauche as Rick Perry and certainly this person will not utter inane remarks like Sarah Palin. The perfect candidate with no baggage of dumbness.

A boy showed up in Berlin this week who claimed to have spent the past five years living in the forest with his father. His father died a few weeks ago and the 17 year old boy walked for two weeks until he reached Berlin. Think about it for a moment.

1.  The boy is not Against any ideas to deal with our economic ideas and would listen carefully to new programs.

2. He has never termed Social Security as a “Ponzi Scheme”

3.  He has no idea who Paul revere is and who he warned or did not warn.

4.  He would not preach to youth they should abstain from sex and then wind up with a child from a girl friend.

5.  He has absolutely no idea who what is a Muslim.

6.  He would like a job and honestly doesn’t care if the government or private enterprise provides one.

7. The only think he would term a “terrorist” is a wild wolf.

The Republican party should examine this young man as their next candidate for president.

Shucks, he is only 17!