New York Jet Owner Fumbles

Woody Johnson is owner of the New York Jet football team, a team which is not exactly performing up to the standards of success. So, it is not surprising that an incompetent football team owner is just as inept when it comes to politics. He clearly expressed the views of an entitled millionaire. “Well, I think  you always put the country first so I think it’s very important that, not only for us–but in particular for our kids and grandkids, that this election come out with Mitt Romney and (Paul)Ryan as President and vice president.”

This from an owner who rushes to acquire Christian football player Tim Tebow who believes his success -or lack of success– is all because God is either on his side this Sunday or against him. I’m glad Woody Johnson has the interests of his fans, or does he? After all those attending games are part of the 47% that Romney doesn’t give a damn about. Then again, neither does the owner of the New York Jets!