New Yorkers Fear Muslims

A majority of New York residents told a poll they supported efforts by their police department to keep tabs on Muslims. They do not see anything wrong in having surveillance of people of the Muslim faith. Of course, aside from 9/11, the major terrorist act was in Oklahoma City and it was committed by a white Christian. Of course, more people have died from drug offenses than from alleged “Muslim actions” but who cares, let’s blame it on THEM!

During my early life eighty years ago, the prevailing group to fear were–COMMUNIST JEWS! Jews were denied jobs, visited by the FBI(I was on a black list as a Communist even though I had joined the Army to fight in the Korean War against Communists), or had neighbors claim ‘”those Jews” are up to something funny.  During WWI, the people to fear were: GERMANS! During WWII the people to fear were: JAPS and we  proceeded to imprison 120,000 Japanese Americans without any evidence a single one did an unpatriotic action.

Of the 5,000 Muslims arrested after 9/11 none was ever convicted of an act of terrorism. The real  terrorists are those who shout hate toward THEM!