New Zealnd Maroi Urge Limits on Immigration

Tariana Turia, founder of the Maroi Party, is concerned about immigration from Australia, Canada and Britain. “What we are talking about is the number of people coming into this country and what that means for Maroi political representation. We aren’t playing the race card because we are not talking about Asian immigration. In actual fact, the majority of immigrants who come to this country come from Great Britain, from Europe, from Canada, from Australia.” He claimed the New Zealand government feared a “browning of the country” and thus was encouraging immigration from areas having white people. Prime Minister Helen Clark said his comments were ridiculous.
Information from Dominion Post

One must really watch out for those white people who are trying to over-run countries. Why don’t they go back to where they came from. Then, again, if one goes way, way back in history, where did the original human inhabitants of New Zealand come from?