Newt Is No Middle Eastern Scholar

Whenever the “scholar” Newt Gingrich speaks about history he vividly demonstrates that a little knowledge is worse than no knowledge. He currently is wooing the Jewish vote and Newt will say anything to curry their favor. In an interview with the Jewish media, Newt, the so-called historian, argued: “remember there was no Palestine as a state. It was part of the Ottoman empire. I think we’ve had an invented Palestine people who are in fact Arabs and who were part of the Arab community.

Let’s examine these half truths:

1. There was NO Jewish nation during the Ottoman empire. Jews lived in the province of Palestine along with Arab people.

2.  The UN plan in 1948 created two states, one Palestinian and one Jewish.

3. To argue that Palestinians are “Arabs” distorts reality. Arab people are divided into many groups and nationalities. There are Egyptians who are not like Saudi Arabians, there are Syrians who are not like those in the Sudan. Palestinians simply could not pack and leave to go to another country.

4. Mr. Gingrich fails to note that Palestinians were living and owned land in what is now termed the West Bank. The Israel government seized their land in violation of international law. Why should a family which traces its ancestry back hundreds of years pack up and go to a foreign land?

5. Of course, people who call themselves, “Americans,” are living in land that was owned by people who had names like the Iroquois, Sioux, Cherokee, etc.. One could argue that the American people are an “invented people.”

6. I hate to tell you Newt, but a high proportion of Palestinian leaders in the 1940s and 1950s were CHRISTIANS!

By the way Newt, Turks are NOT Arabs.