Newt Neutered By Romney

Newt finally acknoweldged that Mitt was going to be the candidate of the Republican party for president of the United States. However, it will take Newt at least another week to clarify why he thinks Mitt has won and why he has lost. Of course, Newt has not really lost since the gig of running for president has provided him countless gigs to make money informing the public why he is the better candidate. There are unconfirmed reports Newt is headed for Tiffany’s store to purchase his wife some new trinkets which he can pay for with the new gigs awaiting.

It seems like a decade ago there were at least a dozen striving for the Republican nomination and now there is one. Of course, the problem now is which one of the Romney people who has so far lived is the one running for president? Is it the pro-choice, pro health care or the anti-choice, anti health care Romney who seeks the nomination. The good news is the Romney who will run is the Romney who will say anything in order to get elected.