No “One OF Those” In This Church

I am always fascinated by those of any form of official religious orientation since they are confident of their connectedness to the Old Man up in the sky. They frequently confuse me. On one hand, the organization religious person is convinced of the necessity that all people should be a member of his/her church or synagogue or mosque or whatever. A young pastor in Sweden heard about a vacancy in a parish and she submitted her name for the position. Initially, the vicar was impressed by her qualifications and she felt confident the parish would prefer a pastor in her thirties to a retired pastor who was holding down the job until a replacement could be found. After several attempts to communicate further with the vicar, all connections ended. The woman contacted someone she knew who worked in the vicar’s office and was told he found out that she was a lesbian and he did not want “one of those” creatures tending to his flock.

A minor incident in the world of religion. The world will not end because this lesbian minister can not find a job working with people. It only exemplifies the hypocrisy of those who run most organized religions. If God indeed created this world, where is it written God was against lesbians?