We offer thoughts on the human condition from a twenty year old man trapped in the body of a 79 year old man.


There is a sense of security in life if your neighbor is a cop or one sits in the diner while you eat.

We have gone from the Founding Fathers to the Complaining Fathers.

Usually, when someone says, “I’ll see you later,” they don’t.

Some widows never cease wearing the ring.

There is a strange silence about health care now that we have a law about health insurance.

As people grow older they increasingly look more like their parents.

I can never understand how a nation founded by immigrants gets so angry about immigrants.

More men wear hats in the morning than afternoon or evening.

Tiny people walking large dogs make it unclear as to who is walking whom.

I experimented with a croissant egg sandwich. Sorry, it simply is not the Parisian croissant I used to eat.

I am reading about Lincoln. Sorry, Barack, you are not another Lincoln. Jimmy Carter, maybe.

A mystery of my life is why humans evolved with the emotion of hate.

We do not know what fate awaits, just go along and encounter it.

The cliche says, “there are no second acts in life,” ridiculous, there are second, third, fourth….

I wonder at what age it should be illegal to still ride a motorcycle.

A thin boy, his sister with a butt resembling mom. I know this future.

Politicians are patriotic with expressions of “sacrifice.” Of course, they are not referring to their own.

My age produces smiles from women, but no action.

I am a social conservative in interactions with people, an anarchist regarding human rights and an attitude of “do what the hell you damn well please, it is your life, not mine.”