Each week we offer our completely biased and unsubstantiated observations on life.

Nobody, Asked Me But,

I recall during basic training receiving “the lecture” about the importance of adhering to Geneva Convention rules on treatment of POWs. Has this now been deleted from the curriculum?

Dark clouds hovered in the sky. Flashes of lightening. A man floated calmly in the poor where I live. He must be a man of faith or wins the lottery each week.

I saw a car license that I thought said: “God’s Work is Uplifting.” I could have sworn it said: “God’s work is Shoplifting.”

I am a bigot. If I see a car in front of me which displays a handicap parking permit, I quickly move away from the vehicle since I don’ trust the driver.

There is no greater symbol of love than a child’s hand tightly held by mom.

I have absolutely no interest in cars of discussing the topic. When I enter a showroom to purchase a car and the salesman comes to me, I quickly turn him over to my wife who makes such decisions.

I saw a man by the road with his thumb held upward. I stopped, invited him in, but had to get off the highway two miles down the road. I felt guilty having once bummed the roads of America depending on the kindness of strangers.

As dictator of America it will be decreed every male and female at age 18 must spend a year bumming the roads of America so they will learn about life before professors teach them about their version of life.

i saw two women returning from a morning run. They obtained some bagels which most probably diluted the entire effect of the run.

I overheard a conversation between birds. They were discussing the love affair between Madonna and Alex Rodriguez.

I have lived in St. Louis for thirty five years and always regarded myself as a stranger. St. Louisians bond in high school for life. No St. Louis high school and you are a stranger.

I always in summer time avoid using an empty high school parking lot because I am a creature of the law.

I said to a young woman, “Bagels used to be a penny.” She said: “I don’t think we will ever see that price again.” I responded: “I dunno, I hear they are free in heaven.”

On my walk I passed a store whose sign said: “Drop Out Services Available.” I gazed in the window and saw a three headed green man.

The sign on the church board said: “Get In Touch With God On Sunday.” Does this mean I can’t the other days?

I was walking into the library at Washington University when a young girl came walking down the path holding a cell phone to her ear and crying. I heard her say, “I’m all alone. I can’t do it by myself.” I wanted to reach out with a touch, but feared winding up in jail.

John McCain would be safer as a prisoner of the Viet Cong that a prisoner of Bush’s incompetence.

Beards will remain, but I am dubious about the life expectancy of the moustache.

Information I do not wish to know– who is the lover of Lindsay Lohan.

I splurged and spent $.75 more for orange juice. The orange juice tasted better than the cheap brand I usually purchase. Do more expensive orange juices use different oranges?

My legs these days grow more tired. My breath shorter. But, my heart beat is faster and my dreams more infinite in scope. The tribulations and joys of old age.

At least when I get to heaven I will not encounter lawyers. They head south.

My kingdom for a good Jewish rye in St. Louis.

The Busch brewery was bought out by a Belgian beer company. This means the 2nd largest employer in St. Louis is Washington University. How times have changed in American employment.

I miss the card catalog system in libraries.

My barber attributes the decline of St. Louis to hiring black policemen. He told me a former mayor gave him this scoop. I have a hunch the former mayor and subsequent mayors have more to do with the decline of the city than any black cop.

I have been trying to figure out what Republicans believe in. Is it smaller government that does not intrude into the lives of people? Is it lower taxes and higher deficits? I think Republicans these days are a bit confused.

Peace and Love