We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in a 81year old body.


I arouse intense anger among those who dislike my weakness in tolerating fools.

I am constantly amazed how guitar stores continue in the Recession.

Some fear their inner voice, for me, my best friend.

Age reduces use of hands when talking.

Some rub chin when  pondering, others use cheeks.

Observe humanity through the  lens of a camera and you will learn about human behavior.

If you dislike certain behaviors, never use them.

I prefer judging myself to others.

It is amusing  watching a couple chomp  in unison.

Death is the unseen shadow in our lives.

Friendship for the elderly is tenuous, your friend may be called away–suddenly.

Ron Paul is the apostle of lack of concern for those in poverty.

Some gently slide into a seat, I just plop down.

Best thing these days to  say about your kids: they have jobs.

Facebook transforms trivia into widespread trivia.

  • IconQ

    see urselves as ithers see us?  Go Giftie, Go!

  • IconQ

    Yes, Ron Paul is wrong to accept the war on the vulnerable and poverty-stricken, but he is a Texas Rep, after all.  McCain/Palin won in Missouri last term.  Paul and Johnson are the only hope to prevent Romney from doing the same.  Young people favor decriminalizing drugs, peace, 4th amendment.  So do I and Robert Reich. These are far less odious than the compatriots’ stands on abortion intolerance, corp ‘rights,’ repression of our  women, and guns.  Makes me nervous that Missouri would give ME the wherewithall to conceal and carry a handgun or own an assault weapon.  More nervous that future controls would NOT allow limits on the rednecks who have been granted them already. 

  • Fred Stopsky

    My problem with Paul supporters is hypocrisy. Paul will not raise taxes one percent on wealthy folk but has no problem with doubling the interest rate on student loans. Yet, young people like this guy!