We offer observations on the human condition from  a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


We arrive, live, depart–where to is the question?

Those who term others to be arrogant usually are making an arrogant statement.

As I hit the age of 82 I notice my body leans more to the right.

Clerks continue toasting my bagel even though never asked to.

We more readily recall pain than happiness.

Children enjoy twisting bodies.

A great singer must know when to leave the stage, so must others.

Early in life, we ran free, later we would be happy just to run.

Some sit with legs in aisle , I don’t.

Some take a bite of their sandwich as sitting, I don’t.

Mystery of life: Is Death the end or a new beginning?

Most remember birth days but not dead days.

If we could observe the world with a child’s intensity and curiosity, we would see.

Unusual to see a mom who walks faster than teen age child.

Problem for middle class children is that hunger is an abstraction.