Each week, we offer comments on the human condition by a 78 year old mind. None of these comments is based on any factual data.

Nobody Asked Me But,

At age 78, it is preferable walking with the wind behind you.

I saw a sign that said: “Snow Blowers: Jesus Is Our Lord” I just don’t think Jesus in Palestine had much to do with snow or snow blowers.

On Wednesday, gas prices were $1.69. On Monday, they were $1.39. So, did Saudi Arabia find more oil on Thursday?

I prefer hitting my favorite pancake house about 1.30 p.m. to miss the crowd and quickly get a table.

The city of Webster Groves, Missouri, only allows residents to park on certain streets. Is this constitutional?

I was sitting quietly having a cup of coffee when someone I knew from olden times sat himself down and began chatting. I prefer silence with my morning coffee.

A Brinks truck cut in front of me. There are times for anger control, especially when people in the other vehicle are armed.

It is mid December and students are taking exams. Cram, pass, forget is what it is all about.

I am now insisting on paper at the supermarket. I feel so proud of myself.

A friend has a scraggly white beard. I think about it. Beard means no morning shave. Hmm.

I never pick up any free cook tips at the supermarket. I am at the speed in cooking of George Foreman.

I always examine my receipt at the supermarket in order to learn if there are any good discounts. I never find any.

They caught the governor of Illinois trying to sell a senate seat. Maybe, he could have gotten Alex Rodriguez and a couple of pitchers from the Yankees for the Cubs. All it would have meant is one of the Steinbrenners would be in the senate. They could then try buying that place the way they buy baseball players.

I am a two hand guy pushing supermarket carts.

I am the guy who counts the items you place at the 15 item check out counter. If you have 16, watch for my nasty glance.

Gas hit $1.35 in St. Louis. Just drop a dollar more and we will be back to the sixties. Does this mean there will be $4,000 cars?

A man asked directions to the rest room. I gave him the directions and then went upstairs to the second floor restroom because if you tell someone how to get to the restroom they deserve to be in front of you.

I wonder if Congress will approve a bailout of Santa Claus. All they want is a reduction in th elf work force.

It is flat around St. Louis but I always wind up walking up a hill.

Milk is less expensive at Walgreens and medicines are less expensive at the supermarket. Where am I living?

I found $2.00 in coins on the street. I expect a severe drop in street coins in the coming months.

I left my house 30 minutes earlier yesterday and the traffic zoomed ahead.

I gazed at cold medicines and decided even people with Ph.Ds have trouble trying to determine which is the best cold medicine.

I made several mistakes with my computer. It is at times like this I feel as though I belong in computer kindergarten.

Greek students are rioting supposedly over the death of a student by the police. I suspect it is also a reaction to the financial situation. Everyone is shook.

In my college days there were always a few dozen coffee shops and small restaurants near a college campus. These days one is lucky to get a McDonalds.