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Nobody Asked Me But,

Why do some cars lack any ice on their windows but mine always do?

Monday night is eat all you can spaghetti, but Pasta House is clever and the first plate is huge but the second is small–the one you ask to be wrapped up to take home.

Children have a built in immunity to cold.

I often wonder how I could explain snow to someone who spent their life in a desert.

I passed four police cars lurking waiting for speeders. I felt so virtuous that I was below the speed limit.

I usually do Christmas shopping on December 24. This year it will be on January 2nd.

I slipped on the sidewalk. How come I can’t sue the city government for allowing icy streets?

The mystery of my life is how Bernard Madoff kept a Ponzi scheme going for half a century. If he is that bright, why do something criminal?

Among the neatest changes in my life is being able to eat breakfast with people of diverse backgrounds.

Old men like me more often wave to little kids than people in their twenties.

When two people simultaneously hit the trash bin to clear their plate, protocol says the older one goes first.

A woman held up her jacket to catch a sneeze. Did they really help me?

I never believe weathermen know anything about weather other than what they read on cue cards.

Am I the only one who takes stirring sticks from the fast food place?

Obama towers over people he is selecting.

The transition team of December arouses hope in America, but will the reality of February offer as much hope?

I have never seen someone speaking at a podium these days who is not surrounded by American flags. Honest, we know you are Americans.

I am never upset if people are late for appointments. Fifteen minutes is not that critical in my life.