Nut Case Still Nutty

Nakoula Brasseley Nakoula not only has the same first and last name but he has won a place in the hearts of every Muslim-hating God fearing American. His fantastic film, “Innocence of Muslims” was a smash hit all over the Muslim world and when I say it was a “smash hit” I mean that literally. The Nak man just got released from prison for violating his parole. He informed the media: I thought, before I wrote the script, that I should burn myself in a public square to let the American people and the people of the world know the message that I believe in.”

He is convinced the “whole truth” was told the world by this escapee from a Coptic Christian background in Egypt. I am rather surprised Mr. Nakoula still lacks a talk show on Fox News. It would be exciting to have him strike a match for freedom by setting himself on fire. Fox News would have a scoop, the world would get his message and life will proceed without his presence.