Obama–Modern Lincoln??

There is a judge in the state of Texas and the the county of Lubbock who believes we are in  1860 and, instead of the election of Abraham Lincoln causing the South to secede, we have a man named Barack Obama whose election will lead to civil war. Oh, this election has nothing to do with black slaves, it has to do with the enslavement of white people in America. Judge Tom Head warns the people of this country that if they elect Barack Obama it will necessitate the NRA and other loyal Americans to take up arms in order to save this nation from an invasion.

Judge Head is convinced President Obama is “going to try to give the sovereignty of the United States away to the United Nations. What do youthink the public is going to do  when that happens? We are talking aboutunrest, civil disobedience, possibily civil war.”

The Judge believes our president is going to bring a thousand UN troops with tanks and weapons who will try to take over this country. So, let me get this straight.

A thousand UN troops facing an American army of 1.5 million equipped with the latest weapons, having an air force and the greatest navy in the world is going to be over run by a thousand UN troops!!

The real question is why does the state of Texas have these nut cases including a governor who can’t even remember the US Cabinet??