Obama Sanity– End European Missile Plan?

Former President George Bush hit upon the inane idea of establishing anti-missile bases on the border of Russia, a nation which had been invaded twice during the twentieth century causing the death of nearly forty million. For some reason, he thought Russian leaders would not be upset to have missiles directed at their nation from a few hundred miles away. Of course, when the Soviet Union provided Fidel Castro with missile systems a few hundred miles away from the American coast, that was viewed as literally a declaration of war.

The establishment of missile bases by Bush was a provocative act and Russia rightly was furious. Bush insisted the bases were there to prevent “rogue nations” from launching missiles toward Europe. Obviously, the “rogue nations” could only have been North Korea or Iran. Why would they send missiles towards Europe? Then again, if the object was Europe, why didn’t European nations assume leadership in constructing missile bases? Actually, during initial stages of the idea, the Russian government even offered to establish joint missile bases with the US. If anyone still worries about missiles from “rogue nations” contact Russia and build missile bases.

Hopefully, latest reports suggest the idea of missile bases will not be pursued by the United States.