Obama “Socialism” Has Benefited Wealthy!

Dozens of wealthy men and women are flocking to the banner of Mitt Romney who they regard as the savior of those with gobs of money. Wealthy folk fear this guy from Africa, this SOCIALIST, whose name is Barack Obama. A review of Obama’s Socialist record simply reveals a true blooded Capitalist.

1. The Affordable Health Care Act rewards private enterprise health care corporations. At no point did Obama urge a government directed health care program such as Medicare or the VA health care programs.

2. The “Socialist”Obama wanted to raise tax rates from 36% to 39%. Wow! During the 1950s under Communist Dwight Eisenhower they were over 70%.

3. Corporations have at least $2 Trillion in their reserve funds. Where else but in Obama Socialist America do wealthy corporations have such funds?

Barack Obama is a moderate man in every aspect of his life. He lacks any radical ideas.