Republicans can scoff at President Obama and call him a Socialist or Communist or whatever, but this man has found a way to end our deficit spending WITHOUT RAISING TAXES ON AMERICANS!! He already promised to reduce the deficit by $1 Trillion over the coming decade but Republicans argue that does not address the issue. They prefer reducing expenditures by $100 billion over the coming decade which means the one trillion being saved will be saved by a Republican plan, not one of those Socialist, Communist ideas of Obama. Barack was challenged by Republicans to do something in order to reduce our deficits without raising taxes on Americans. He put on his thinking hat that he got at Harvard and came up with an incredible idea that solves American economic problems.

From now on, people coming from Canada will be compelled to pay the $5.50 inspection fee! Wow! As the hundreds of billions rolls in from this source of revenue, we can get back to reducing taxes on the wealthiest one percent. I gather they still have to pay some taxes and we all know if you tax a wealthy person he might pick up his marbles and head to another country.

God Bless Barack Obama, the only Socialist friend of Wealthy people in the world.