Oh Them Women!

There is a Saburu dealer in the Emirates who has a firm undrstanding why his cars break down and he is willing to let the world into his secret. It is the fault of “them women!” A mother was driving her Saburu car when it broke down. She and the family were waiting for assistance when another car slamed into the group resulting in death for the entire family. Our friendly Saburu dealer understands what happened. As he notes, women drivers were “at it again” and due to “grave mistakes by a lady driver’ the unfortunate male driver who killed them is not at fault. Why?

1. She allowed the car to break down. If the car had not broken down he never would have hurt anyone.

2. The female driver lacked the “presence of mind” while waiting for assistance. Women simply can not handle a crisis situation. Why did she cause the male driver to kill her? Gets me?