Olympic Game Boycotts Ahead?

President Nicolas Sarkozy of France hinted at the possiblity he might support a boycott of the opening day ceremonies at the Olympic Games in order to protest events in Tibet. Most leaders of important nations have expressed some form of disagreement with the Chinese solution to Tibet protests, but none has gone as far as suggesting any form of boycott. President Bush made it clear he will be attending the Olympic Games. Sarkozy has been rather silent up to this point, but he said: “Our Chinese friends must understand the worldwide concern that there is about the question of Tibet, and I will adapt my response to the evolutions in the situation that will come. I hope, as rapidly as possible.” Asked whether he would support a boycott, the president responded he could “not close the door to any possibility.” His aides emphasized he was only talking about opening day ceremonies and would not support a boycott of the entire Olympic Games.

Gordon Brown of Great Britain has indicated he will attend the opening day ceremonies. Sarkozy may be engaged in a clever political game of taking a forceful stand for human rights which would resound favorably among liberals in his nation.