On Guns

Republican Congressman Issa is on a war path because the Justice Department sanctioned a program designed to trick Mexican drug lords to purchase guns so American police could trace the path by which a gun wound up in the hands to drug people. The operation will hardly rank among those in world history that led to any sort of productive conclusion, but who should be surprised that those involved with guns wind up allowing murderers to have guns to kill?

I find amusing that Rep. Issa is worried about guns headed south to Mexico, but apparently the two hundred or so million guns in America are of scant interest. He is not concerned how guns legally purchased wind up in the hands of gangsters or criminals. He is not concerned how guns that are legally purchased wind up in the hands of children. NO, the key issue of guns is how do drug lords get them?

Actually, any drug lord simply has to send someone to any town in America, walk into a gun shop and purchase whatever is on his mind.

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    Remember when gunners said, “If guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have them?”  Nowadays I’m tempted to echo, “If guns are restricted, only the assholes will still have them.”