Plaxico Burress used to play wide receiver on the New York Giants football team until one day he shot himself while in a night club. The result was the court system sentenced him to 21 months in jail. The only person hurt in the shooting was himself. There was no property damage, just a jerk who played around with a gun and shot himself. Now, if Plaxico was out hunting with the guys and shot himself by accident, the NRA would be furious if any court system dared to place one of their hunters on trial for shooting himself. A few years ago former Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally slightly wounded someone while out hunting. In other words, in modern America it is OK to shoot yourself, shoot someone else by accident if a member of the NRA and you are hunting. But, Plaxico was NOT hunting, he was simply a jerk in a nightclub who fooled around with a gun.

Plaxico just completed his 21 month sentence for hurting himself. Of course, if he took an overdose of prescription drugs and hurt himself no judge in the land would sentence him to 21 months in jail. But, what happened during the 21 months:

1. He was with criminals who DID hurt other people.

2. The state spent about $40,000 a year to house Plaxico.

3. The state increased its need for more prisons in order to place more people in jail.

4. Plaxico got the point about fooling around with guns.

In other words, the government spent thousands on a trial, spent thousands to place a man in jail whose only crime was being a jerk who shot himself. His jail time simply represents the idiocy of our modern system of justice–or, should I say, lack of sensible justice. If a person does not hurt others, and essentially hurts him or herself, they should NOT be sent to jail.

P.S. We have about 700,000 people in jails across America who used drugs or who sold drugs. We spend $40,000 a year for each of these individuals. If Congress wants to reduce waste in government, how about ending drug laws and saving the $100 Billion in order to provide aid to college students who want to learn?