Once A Jew, Always A Jew

I am born a Bronx Jew and we are not always on the same page as Jews who live on Park Avenue. My philosophy has always been that if you want to be a Jew it means you want to become part of a group that has been oppressed for a few thousand years. It speaks highly to your moral courage to become one of us. The Israel government flew in about 450 Jews from Ethiopia and concluded a program that has gone on for thirty years and brought over a hundred thousand Ethiopians to Israel on grounds they were Jews. A few hundred years ago thousands of Ethiopian Jews were forced to convert to Christianity but thousands refused to abandon all Jewish customs and beliefs.

If in 2013 any Ethiopian wants to regain their Jewish self, it is OK with me. It takes guts and belief to abandon what one was forced to do and return to the Jewish life. The more the merrier as far as I am concerned. Just remember, thousands of years ago people were forced to become Jews or decided to become on.