Oops A Slip Or A Push?

Cody Johnson and Jordan Graham got married last year and within a few months realized the excitement of dating was not exactly the same as the daily grind of marriage. They danced and expressed love the day of their wedding, but within three months encountered the differences that invariably emerge after the day of bliss clashes with the blatant confrontations of marriage. They went to Glacier Park in Montana and here the story becomes confused. Jordan claims they argued, he pulled her and she pushed back and he went backwards down the glacier to his death. She did not report the death, but told police that he had gone out with some friends. Jordan initially agreed that she had pushed him, but then reneged on her confession, but the judge said, no, you admitted guilt and guilt it will be.

Judge Donald Molloy sentenced her to 30 years in prison for the shove of death. “There’s only one person in this room who knows what happened, and what happened. Sounds strange, and there is confusion, in these circumstances it would seem leniency might be the right solution.