Opera Of Zimbabwe Goes On As Fat Lady Waits In Wing

During the past six months the comic and tragic opera that is Zimbabwe continues with numerous false curtains descending on an opera that always appears to have another act. The Zimbabwe Exiles Forum(ZEF) has lodged an urgent application to the Southern African Development Community(SADC) urging it to prevent President Mugabe from attending the summit meeting. President Mbeki of South Africa(a close friend of Mugabe) supposedly was using his mediation skills to resolve the issue of government but he has failed over and over again to accomplish this goal. The ZEF argues Mugabe was not legally elected and therefore can not sit at the summit. Botswana has announced it will boycott the summit meeting if Mugabe is allowed to attend.

Mugabe plays one game after another always depending on his good friend, President Mbeki to bail him out when things get rough. Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) who actually won the presidential election in March, 2008, was again detained and harassed at the Haare airport until finally being allowed to leave. At some point, Mugabe has to be treated roughly in order to get him to adhere to constitutional practices. Step one would be banning him from the summit meeting.