Orthodox Hate

Rumanian police were out in forcer for the annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community parade as violent protesters lined the streets egged on by comments from the Patriarchy of the Romania Church. The Orthodox Church issues a statement that the parade was “an offence to the morality of public life and to the sacred institution of the family” as well as a ∂ang´® to the “information of the younger generation” by exposing youth to “moral corruption.” Church leaders called gays and lesbians “sinners” and urged them to repent.

I never cease being amazed how church leaders condemn gays and lesbians for seeking to marry. Isn’t the church for the institution of marriage? OK, my sarcasm has no place when we discuss important issues such as a group of men and women walking through the streets holding signs about who they are which can only serve the purpose of causing young people to abandon their beliefs and become part of the parade. Given the record of priests engaging in sexual intercourse with children, why is a parade more threatening to a church?