Palestinians Suffer in Iraq

Under the Saddam Hussein regime, thousands of people from Palestine went to work in Iraq. There were 30,000 registered Palestinian refugees – plus thousands more not registered – when American forces took over Iraq. The Palestinians are caught in the middle – they are not regarded as Iraqi and are part of a foreign group. They get attacked and killed by both sides in the Iraqi civil war, and now they are stuck in refugee camps on the border of Syria. Syria already has about 450,000 Palestinian refugees and is only allowing in about 250 a year from Iraq. So, the Palestinians suffer in heat, denied employment, denied medical care and just left alone.

I wonder if Arab concern for Palestinian refugees also applies to these individuals. A tragedy of the past sixty years is failure on the part of Arab nations to develop a comprehensive plan for resettlement of Palestinian refugees. Instead, they are left with the false hope of return to Palestine. Israel will never back down on this point and will insist Palestinian refugees be allowed to settle in the new Palestinian state that, hopefully, soon will be established.
Information from Jordan Times