Plant At Night, Blow Up In Day

At night, furtive figures scurry around planting home made bombs in roads they believe American soldiers will be using the next day. It is the city of Marjah in southern Afghanistan which had been ‘”cleared” of Taliban fighters in past weeks, but for some strange reasons they continue walking the streets of the city with impunity. According to General Michael Oates, the IEDs in themselves are not as deadly as what ordinarily has been used, but time spent clearing these bombs is time away working at establishing an effective government. Many in the American forces believe they are being expected to do more and more with less and less since there are just so many soldiers on the ground and they simply lack the numbers to clear out the Taliban.

The Taliban is retreating to hit and run tactics in which a single insurgent can tie down a dozen American soldiers. In the end, the Taliban is dead, and a few Marines are wounded. The war goes on and on.