Playing Chicken With Non-Events

Once again, America is enthralled with an important “issue” of the day which is nothing more than much ado about nothing. Chick-Fil-A executive utters nonsense concerning what he believes is God’s views on who should marry or who should kiss and this nation explodes with angry expressions of support and denial. After all, one must say something if God speaks to someone.

Former Governor Muck Huckabee began a campaign to express support by encouraging thousands to flock to Chick-Fil-A and gorge on thousands of calories. Yesterday, hundreds or thousands flocked to the place in order to kiss one another. We have it on a reliable source from God himself that he (a) does not eat chicken-it’s against his religion of respecting all life forms, and (b) He has never been much a kissing sort of guy.

OH, we had fish on Friday.