Pope Benedict Speaks At Home

Pope Benedict XVI is German born and thus returning to his home was an opportunity to address key issues confronting the Catholic Church to people who share a common heritage. He spoke for 20 minutes before Germany’s parliament about issues of materialism and the importance of restoring moral values as the center piece of human existence. He spoke about the equality of all humans before God, but did not realize in expressing such thoughts, a high percent of humans listening wanted to know if this view applied to women.

Modernity has altered fundamental human values. However, in some cases modernity has expanded human values by allowing those who have different sexual orientations now have expanded  human rights. His continued refusal to address the sexual scandals which have wrecked havoc on the church. At some point, the issue of only a male clergy must be addressed in light of the lack of priests to serve Catholics. He has to confront gay and lesbians who seek to be Catholic in their every day lives.

Pope Benedict is a good man who is concerned about poverty and violence. But, he also must address key issues in the Catholic Church if it is to survive in this century. Frankly, we  believe within fifty years there will be an American Catholic Church due to a single sex clergy mentality.