Pope Blasts Gay Marriage

Pope Benedict XVI is a man of peace and carries within his heart much love for humanity. There is also no question issues dealing with gays and lesbians remain controversial and regardless of what he says, some portion of the Catholic community will be offended. There are thousands of gay and lesbian Catholics who are proud of their church and seek to be members of it, but there are also Catholics who do not want them inside the doors of their religion. In his annual State of the World address, the Pope came out swinging against gays and lesbians.

He insisted gay marriage would undermine the concept of family, “threaten human dignity and the future of humankind itself.” From his perspective, marriage between a man and a woman constitute “the fundamental cell of every society.” Reality is that gay and lesbian marriages are here to stay. Reality is such marriages are accepted by a majority of young Catholics in most countries of the world. At some point, this decent man has to accept reality.