Prejudice Alive and Well in Europe

The Human Rights group issued a blistering attack on failure of European nations to seriously combat hate crimes. Maureen Byrnes, speaking for Human Rights, said; “Prejudice based on race, ethnicity and natural origin continue to be among the driving forces behind hatred and intolerance.” She noted in particular a rise in prejudice against Jews, Muslims and Romas in
European societies. In 2006, there were 54 racial murders in Europe. She also noted that many critics of Israel employ Nazi style language in attacking Jews.

There is little question that many European nations are beginning to take action against racial prejudice, but there is a long road ahead. There is tremendous need to re-educate teachers and help them gain a grasp on the dimensions of world-wide multiculturalism. There is need for legislation to ensure those who engage in such attacks face severe consequences. And, there is need for some academics who dislike Israel to express their disagreement without using insulting Nazi-style language. Israel makes mistakes, but Israel is NOT Nazi Germany.