Priest For Guns

I am not of the Çatholic faith but was raised to have respect for those who were priests and nuns. I worked at a Catholic college who priests and nuns were wonderful people possessing love and good will to all. Thus, it is difficult for me to write about a priest who forsakes his vow and becomes someone other than a priest. Father Paul Gotta is charged with several sexual assaults on young boys that occurred over a period of a few years. Ironically, Father Gotta informed the police that several juveniles in his school were in possession of explosives and weapons they intended to use against students and faculty in the school.

It now turns out that Father Gotta gave explosives and weapons to juveniles! I admit to sometimes getting lost in this maze of sexual depravity which has impacted some people who took religious vows. I simply do not understand how they can abuse those who were entrusted to their care. Life sometimes is mysterious.