Prison Guard Exposes Mugabe Brutality

A prison guard in the Central Prison of Harare secretly filmed guards being forced to vote for President Mugabe. Shepherd Yuda, whose uncle was recently killed in violence sparked by President Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party decided to expose the hypocrisy of Mugabe and his claims that democracy triumphed with his election. The film was shown on British television on Friday and shows guards lined up to vote and are instructed how to cast their ballots by a Zanu-PF party member. Yuda said many people used a felt pen to show Zanu-PF thugs they had voted the right way.

Yuda left a nation devastated by violence and intimidation. While he was working at the prison, his wife was forced from their house and forced to attend an election rally while his daughters remained in the house fearing for their lives. “I have never seen that kind of violence before,” claims Yuda. “The impact has left a lot of orphans, it has left a lot of people displaced.”

Yuda said the guards were furious at President Mbeki of South Africa for refusing to aid their nation.