Proof That Obama Is Alien

For five long years the Republican party has been attempting to tell the truth about this man who goes by the name of, Barack Obama. For five long years the Republican Party has sought to reveal the origin of this man, Barack Obama. Now, finally, the truth will be told. Simon Parks, a politician from North Yorkshire in England admitted that he had fathered a child with an alien female. Actually, he himself was born from an eight foot female alien woman and thus has the capacity to father alien children. He did impregnate such a female and his child is resting healthfully in a hospital in North Yorkshire.

So, who is this alien that goes by the name of Barack Obama? He was born in Kenya and is the result of an eight foot green alien woman who has eight fingers and an extra arm attached to the back of its body. Have you noticed that no one ever has seen Barack Obama naked! He hides the arm on his back. Obama is merely waiting to unleash aliens on the American people. First, he pushed this “health care plan,” next he will reveal that his health care plan is designed to make sterile Earth  folk and prepare the way for green aliens!