Proposed Ban on Niqab in Denmark

A majority of the Danish parliament is ready to ban face-covering Muslim niqab veils after a family care worker was ordered to remove it. Politicians are ready to give employers the right to ban Muslim niqab for employees as yet another incident involving the culture clash between conservative Islam and the West. Danish politicians are already in an uproar after a Muslim candidate for Parliament announced she would wear her headgear in Parliament, if elected. Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen believes public institutions should be able to determine the dress of their employees. “I personally believe it’s quite fair that children should be able to see who is caring for them.”

Even the left wing Red-Green Alliance backed the prime minister. “This is neither about special treatment for religion. It is a well-founded desire to stress that it is important in family care situations to see the caretaker’s facial expressions,” said Jargen Arbo-Baehr, speaking for the Alliance.
Information from The Copenhagen Post

As a college professor, I frequently have difficulty hearing Moslem female students who wear the veil as do their fellow classmates. I understand the Danish concern that children pick up on facial gestures and the niqab prevents that from occurring.