Putin For Life And Ever After?

The only certainty about Vladmir Putin is his certainty the world of Russia would collapse except for his presence as THE LEADER. Boris Nemtsov is a Russian political leader who has been attempting to oppose the Putin regime and it has resulted in numerous encounters with fear and punishment. At one recent attempt to give a speech in southern Russia, the  hall was surrounded by police, and someone claimed lights had to be switched off due to a bomb square. Boris gave the talk in darkness.

He discussed with a  Der Spiegel reporter life of one who opposes Putin Russia. A toilet was dropped on his car, his house was doused with ammonium hydroxide and he is ready at a moment’s notice to wind up in jail–for one reason or another. “Putin wants to govern forthe rest of his  life,” he told the reporter. “That means stagnation, degeneratin and marginialization for Russia.” He argues the importance of the European Union to openly denounce Putin’s Russia and exert pressure for change.

Nemstov argues that Putin has made Russia a giant corruption center in which kickbacks go to those who kick back support to Putin. Even spineless President Medvedev agrees that corruption costs his nation at least $32 Billion a year. What then for Mother Russia? It has a Father Russia, so how about some bright young son or daughter who could send dad to a nice retirement home?