Putin Serious About Syria

One can take Putin out of Russia, but one can not take the good old KGB out of the man in the Kremlin. Vladimir simply can not forget the most important thing in life is POWER which means protect those in power. Why? Once Putin allows a two bit thug dictator like President Bashar al-Assad to be overthrown, the idea of getting rid of petty dictators might grow popular- in Russia! The world might be interested in halting slaughter of innocent people in Syria, but if one spent his early life in the KGB the entire goal of life is to rid the world of pests who argue for freedom.

Victoria Nuland, speaking for the US State Department stated bluntly the view of Hillary Clinton that Putin was shipping assault helicopters which can gun down Syrian dissidents. “We are seeing these helicopters move against civilians. We’ve seen the Russians resupply these weapons.” Oh, Foreign Minister Lavrov noted that Russian carries out signed contracts and if Assad signed the contract, he gets the weapons.

I wonder why Muslim nations don’t organize a boycott of Russian products? Now, if Putin allowed a cartoon to be published, imams would demand his removal from office.