Putin Surprised Middle Class Is Angry

Prime Minister Vladmir Putin is confused at large scale demonstrations during which people shout nasty things about him. He told a TV audience how he mistook the white ribbons worn by demonstraters as condoms. “i’ll be honest, though it’s rude. I thought it’s anti-AIDS  propaganda–that they are contraceptives.” He also insisted that students protesting in the streets of Moscow had been paid–no doubt by the Americans– to say those bad things about him.

Vladmir regards himself as a brilliant political leader who knows how to handle those who do not approve of his ideas. “It’s important to always respect the minority. Don’t try to get rid of it, don’t push it to the sidelines of political life, and  maybe there would be no need to apologize.” Perhaps, someone could explain this comment. The man simply can not grasp there are people who want real democracy!