Racial Tensions Rise in Russia

The recent death of two Russian college students followed weeks after the killing of a student from Chechen in the city of Stavropol. This area of Russia is being torn to pieces by conflicts between people of Russian origin and those who historically inhabited these regions. The people of the Caucus region have tended to be more Moslem in religion and feel no connection to Russians. It was Czarist Russia which conquered their lands and forced them to endure seventy years of communist rule.

There is little doubt President Putin is partially responsible for the state of affairs in this region. His dictatorial style of leadership has eliminated any opportunities for those seeking conciliation and compromise. Putin in Russia’s Decider. Many Russians believe he was behind bombings in Moscow years ago which he used as a pretext to Launch a war against Chechyna. Does anyone else out there notice a resemblance between Putin and Bush? Both have concocted wars as a pretext to gain power.
Moscow Times June 4, 2007 “Two Russians Stabbed to Death”